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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Barnet, Tufnell Park, North London

Sports Massage Barnet, North London

Sports Massage treatment is a fantastic way to help with recovery and boost performance.  The exact mechanisms of how this works is still unknown, but you can rest assured that our Sports Massage therapists are some of the best around.  Sports Massage is sometimes known as Deep Tissue massage but we believe our two treatments differ.  You would usually have a Sports Massage to relieve tight and aching muscles as a result of exercise, whereas a Deep Tissue Massage is more commonly used to treat general aches and pain caused by day to day life.  Some people prefer a Sports Massage even if they do not take part in regular exercise as it is sometimes much more specific and therefore targets particular areas.

Bodylogics Sports Massage therapists are unique in the fact that all our therapists are trained to University degree level and specialise in particular areas.  Our Sports Massage therapists are also trained in either Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports Therapy and much more.  This gives a wider benefit to the patient as you can be certain the level of care you are receiving is above and beyond that of most other clinics.  Our therapists use a wide range of techniques to give you the best outcomes.  No matter what your symptoms or issues are, we are able to influence the complex structures of the human bodies systems to bring about change.

Our Approach to Care

Our Bodylogics Sports Massage is designed to:

  • Help increase joint mobility.
  • Help to free adhesions and break down scar tissue.
  • Relieve muscular tightness, stiffness and restrictions.
  • Increases flexibility in the muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and sorenes.