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A group of Private Multi-Disciplinary Clinic’s located in Barnet, Whetstone and Tufnell Park, specialising in Sports Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Injury Rehabilitation and Personal Training.

Welcome to Bodylogics

At Bodylogics we understand how pain can have a major impact on your day to day life.  Whether that be pain in your shoulder from the gym, pain in the ankle from running or football or just simply pain in the body from your work day.  We are passionate in helping people overcome their pain and get back to feeling ‘normal’.  It is not by coincidence that we have been in business now for over 10 years with many repeat clients.  Our customer reviews speak for themselves. We are a team of dedicated professionals with the sole aim of getting you back to feeling your best.  This is why we have set up a multi-disciplinary Clinic which caters for all your needs.

The Bodylogics Mission

Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic is a group of Clinic’s consisting of Sports Injury Specialist’s who are trained to diagnose and treat all conditions.  We are able to offer a wide range of services designed to meet your individual needs.  These include Sports Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Personal Training and many more services.  At Bodylogics, we take pride in our detailed approach which consists of treating the site of pain, offering rehabilitation exercises and most importantly education so that you can leave feeling empowered and safe in the knowledge that you will be able to manage your condition and return back to ‘normal’ in the shortest time possible.  It is important for us that you understand what is happening with your body and that you have the tools at your disposal to change the pain you are experiencing. 

The Bodylogics Promise

We are proud of what we have created at Bodylogics. We are a Team which have been picked based on a series of prerequisites and all of our therapists specialise in a particular area. As a client you are free to choose your preferred therapist and can pick based on their expertise. We can also recommend which therapist to see based on the symptoms you present with. As a Team, we also work in close collaboration with each other, ensuring you get the best experience possible. We know what works and take the time to understand what is needed to ensure each of our clients is successful in their recovery or training goals. At Bodylogics, no issue is too small or too big. We are here to help you achieve the results you want and will always work with you to ensure this happens.

Established in 2009, Bodylogics has become one of the leading Sports Therapy Clinic’s in North London

Visiting Bodylogics is more than just a treatment, our unique approach means all our clients become a part of our family

Our Clinic’s offer a wide range of services designed to give you the best medical care and attention all under one roof.


The Sports Therapy Clinic

The Bodylogics Team

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We are approved by all major insurance companies.


The Bodylogics Flagship Clinic EN4

Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic, 78 Crescent Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN4 9RJ

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