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Pregnancy Massage at Bodylogics

The Bodylogics Pregnancy Massage treatment addresses the more commonly associated pregnancy discomforts such as lower back ache and shoulder tension.  Used to encourage overall mental and physical well-being for both mother and baby, our stress relieving Pregnancy Massage is the perfect solution for all those involved.

The Bodylogics Pregnancy Massage treatment aims to maintain balance and reenergise the body whilst also providing a healthy boost to the foetal environment during pregnancy.

Customised for each trimester and each individual, our Pregnancy Massage treatment is extremely beneficial in helping you to recover and re-balance all body systems following the birth of your baby, as well as during pregnancy.  It can also help balance the body’s internal environment which allows the body to harmonise as you adapt to life with your new baby.

The Bodylogics Pregnancy Massage is designed to;

  • Increase flexibility and reduce tension
  • Release endorphins
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase supply of Oxygen and nutrients
  • Improve lymphatic flow and drainage

60 Minutes at £50