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When should I have a Pregnancy Massage?

One of the questions we are often asked at Bodylogics is how regularly or how often you should get a massage during pregnancy.

This answer depends on a lot on the situation you find yourself in.  People experience many things during pregnancy.   Lower back pain is a common theme but we also find a lot of clients struggle with sleep due to other aches and pains unrelated to the back.

At Bodylogics, we see Mum’s to be after their 12th-week scan, and as long as everything is in order, we recommend that they be seen once every 4 weeks.  This enables us to ensure the general maintenance of the body remains in a constant cycle of well-being.

Once they reach about week 25/26 the bump will be significantly bigger than the early stages.  There will also be a change in the breast size and this will put an additional stress and strain on the upper back and may cause a higher level of pain and discomfort.  This may result in a higher need to see your massage therapist more regularly than the stated 4 week cycle.

For general well-being, Bodylogics recommends a massage over the following stages of the pregnancy;

  • Week 12
  • Week 16
  • Week 20
  • Week 24
  • Week 25/26
  • Week 30
  • Week 35
  • Week 36
  • Week 37
  • Week 38
  • Week 39
  • Week 40+


All our Massage Therapists at Bodylogics are trained Sports Therapists, with experience in injury healing/prevention and deep tissue Massage.  All of our Pregancy Massage Therapists are specially trained in the delivery of Massage and all our Pregnancy Massage Therapists are strictly female.

There are other factors which can effect someone’s decision to book a massage.  Time and availability is often cited as reasons for avoidance.  We always say though that people are willing to service their car every year for costs exceeding £500 but why would you not service your own body each month to get the best from it and to stop it from breaking down.

We hope you found our blog here useful and we look forward to seeing you at Bodylogics soon.

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