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The Sports Therapy Clinic

Osteopath Barnet, North London

Welcome to the Bodylogics Osteopathy Department.   Our Osteopaths in Barnet treat a wide range of issues which are usually related to the spine.  Like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, etc….. their work is not limited to just one area.  At Bodylogics we pride ourselves on the wide range of skills all of our therapists are able to offer.  As a result of this,  we are confident to say we are the best in the business. 

We are passionate about providing the highest levels of care and treatment and want all our current and future clients to be confident that they are receiving only the best treatment when they visit an Osteopath.

Our Osteopath Service is designed to:

  • Help increase joint mobility
  • Help to relieve headaches and neck pain
  • Reduce and relieve back pain
  • Help to manage pain caused by arthritis
  • Reduce symptoms of sciatica
  • Help manage sporting related injuries

Initial 60 Minute Treatment and Consultation at £60

Follow up 45 Minute Treatment at £50

What to expect from our Osteopathy Team at Bodylogics

Osteopath’s treat many different types of issues related to the body Once we have established the cause of your issues we are able to begin treatment.   All our treatments are 100% safe and only ever carried out by qualified individuals.  And contrary to beliefs, not all treatments involve ‘clicking’ backs; a lot of symptoms can be eased off with very gentle mobilisations.  You just need to know what you are doing first!

Our Osteopath Department are trained to treat the sight of injury or pain but we will also aim to identify where the cause of your symptoms are and find ways in which we can ensure they do not return in the future.  It is this approach, where we put the patient first, which has led to us becoming one of the leading Sports Therapy Clinic’s in North London.  As a Clinic we stay up to date with the latest advice and guidance on the treatment of a number of issues.  We will always be honest with you and only ever carry our treatments which match your needs.

Can the Osteopathy Team cure headaches?

Osteopaths are well known for being able to treat many issues related to the human body.  One of these regular issues are headaches.  Our Osteopath Department will use the latest methods and treatments to ensure you get relief from your symptoms and can start to feel pain free again.  Our multi-disciplinary team consisting of Physiotherapists and Sports Massage therapists can also help to relieve pain depending on your circumstances and symptom presentation.  We will only ever refer on if we feel you need it.

What about other common problems such as back pain?

The classic belief is that Osteopath’s only ever treat back pain.  This is a myth!  Our Osteopath Department is carefully selected based on their wide ranging knowledge of the human body and their ability to treat many symptoms.  Our Osteopath Department treat Pregnancy patients for things such as lower and upper back pain and also sciatica problems.  The Osteopath Department are also able to treat specific Sports Injuries and our Injury Rehabilitation Department then work with you to ensure your issues and symptoms do not return through vigorous, yet enjoyable rehabilitation sessions.

Is Osteopathy good for age related concerns such as arthritis?

As we grow older our body naturally feels the stress and strains of life.  This can then lead to joint pain which can prevent day to day activities.  Our Osteopath Department at Bodylogic’s works to help you get back to pain free function and, with the support of our injury rehabilitation department, we can ensure you remain pain free and able to take part in all that you do.


The Sports Therapy Clinic

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