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The ultimate exercises you need to include in EVERY workout.

Blog written by Clinic Manager Jason Dodd with reference from Personal Trainer and Lead Injury Rehabilitation expert Angel Warren

With summer round the corner, it is never too late to start your workout programme to get you ready for the sunny days ahead of us. We all want to get that body which we are proud to show off and lets us wear those clothes we always dream of buying but we don’t always know what the best things are to include in our workout programme, so we at Bodylogics have come up with a list of core exercises that should be incorporated into every gym programme no matter what!


The Push Up – one of the simplest yet under-rated exercises in any gym programme. If done correctly you should build your core strength, all the way to your stomach area. A true sign of strength too is the ability to support and control your own body weight, what better way than through this excellent exercise. Take a look at this video for the PERFECT PUSH UP.


The Burpee – when performed correctly this exercise not only challenges the muscle system but also your cardiovascular system too. Personal Trainer Angel Warren says ‘the Burpee works the whole body system and is a true test of strength and fitness. You can simplify this exercise by removing the jump part or you can increase the challenge by going into a press up once you legs drop backwards on the come down phase’.


Mountain climbers combine CV fitness and strength. They not only strengthen your core, they also promote the fat loss necessary to unveil the abs you’ve been building without aggravating back pain. There are many variations to this classic exercise too which we can show you how to perform.


When done at a slow tempo as a warm-up, the exercise heats up and activates your muscles, enhances your mind-muscle connection, and improves your flexibility. But when done as fast as possible, the movement challenges big energy-consuming muscles like your quads, glutes, abs, shoulders, and pecs. Do this for short intervals—between 30 and 60 seconds—to ignite a calorie-burning inferno (a.k.a your metabolism).


“Aside from aesthetics, the obliques—which are the abdominal muscles that run along each side of your core—are vital in providing support and stability to the spine and lower back,”  says Bodylogics Personal Trainer Angel Warren. If this move is too challenging, keep your feet on the ground and just execute the rotation portion of the upper body, leaving your feet planted and legs down throughout. Need to make it more challenging? Add a resistance band, looped around one knee and the other foot, and execute all reps on one side before switching the band to the other.

So there you have it, our guide to the exercises YOU need to include in every work out. Our advice here would be to incorporate these exercises at least 3 times per week into your normal exercise routines. You will see an immediate improvement in other aspects of your life including both your personal and sporting life, with things such as a decrease in lower back pain, improved mood, increase in sporting performance amongst many more.

Angel Warren is also on hand to provide one-to-one personal training sessions at our exclusive link with FitClub Studio’s based in Whetstone, N20. Alternatively, we also offer outdoor sessions if the gym environment is not your most love location! As always, our services and programmes are tailored to your needs. We work with all clients on an individual basis an we understand that every person is unique and individual. Contact us now either through our contact form here or by calling 020 8368 9220.

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