Meet the team

Debora Giglio

Lead Physiotherapist at Bodylogics and Member of the Injury Rehabilitation Team

Debora is our Lead Physiotherapist specialising in neck, back and knee pain.  Physiotherapy sessions combined with input from our Specialist Injury Rehabilitation Department is sure to get you back your best in a short space of time.

With over 7 years’ experience, Debora has worked as an MSK and Orthopaedic physiotherapist both in Italy and the United Kingdom. Debora specialises in the treatment of neck and back pain, as well as knee pain and arthritis.  This document here from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist offers some simple advice on how you can manage arthritis.  Debora also has significant experience in treating problems related to elective lower limb surgery.  Through the use of manual therapy and machine assisted treatment, Debora will be well equipped to offer clinical diagnosis as well as highly advanced treatment.  

Using the latest research and factual based studies, Debora offers the highest level of knowledge to all of her clients, esnuring they are aware of what is causing their issues and more importantly, how they can manage this away from the Clinic also.

Debora places a huge emphasis on empowering her Clients to take charge of their recovery.  By giving the Client the knowledge and advice to make things better, Debora ensures all of her Clients can self manage themselves away from the Clinic and ultimately lead to a faster recovery.

Debora also makes up part of the Injury Rehabilitation Team.  With a special interest in post surgery Physiotherapy, Debora is equipped to offer outstanding care and advice to fast track your recovery and get you back to full functionality in the quickest time possible.