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Meet the team

Daleel Madarbukus

GOsC Registered Osteopath

Daleel Madarbukus Osteopath Bodylogics

Daleel is experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal problems. In treatment, Daleel aims to relieve pain, restore optimum musculoskeletal health and function, and to prevent the recurrence of problems. As such, consideration is given to what may have caused and be maintaining a problem, and advice given on how this can be managed.

Daleel Madarbukus (M.Ost) graduated from the University College of Osteopathy in 2018, the largest osteopathic teaching institution in Europe. Daleel has been and is still heavily involved with sports, particularly Rugby, where he coaches and is club osteopath for Haringey Rhinos RFC, which has only enhanced his interest in sporting injuries and rehabilitation.

Daleel has also been working with Speedworks Charity, which works with elite and development sprinters to help them achieve their goal in running faster and winning championships.

Daleel takes a keen interest in both acute and chronic pain, pain management and bio-mechanics of the body. Daleel is also interested in post operative care. In this day and age, most people will opt for surgery at some point in their lives, and getting the right care and management is crucial to making a better and quicker recovery. Using anything from breathing exercises, circulation exercises, stretches and strengthening, Daleel feels that as an Osteopath he can play a vital role in patient care.

His clinical experience includes, but is not limited to: NHS GP practice (East Street); HIV patients (Paul Blanchard Clinic @ UCO Clinic and Royal Free Hospital); elderly patients (Lucy Brown House Clinic); Sports Clinic (UCO).

Osteopaths appreciate that the body works as a single, indivisible, functional unit. Treatment is therefore not simply aimed at treating conditions. Instead osteopaths treat the person using holistic and patient-centred approaches. Treatment is therefore tailored to the individuals’ own particular needs. 


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