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It is official – cycling is good for you!

Blog produced by Jason Dodd Clinic Manager, Sports Therapist and member of the Physiotherapy and Musculo-Skeletal Team at Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic.

In 2016, cardiovascular disease (CVD) was one of the five leading causes of years of life lost. Physical inactivity is associated with CVD and CVD risk factors,  and the WHO has declared physical inactivity the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Approximately a quarter of the world’s adults are physically inactive. Globally, the level of physical activity has decreased over previous decades and is still decreasing.

Now, we are not naive enough to sit here and say that our opening title of ‘cycling being officially good for you’ is ground breaking. Any form of exercise is beneficial and can help to prevent things such as Osteo-arthritis (as demonstrated in our blog post here) and many other disease/illnesses, BUT what is interesting to note are the figures in which it can reduce the likelihood of developing Cardiovascular Disease. The study shows that cycling was associated with a 16% lower risk of cardiovascular disease incidence, 17% lower risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and a 25% lower risk of cardiovascular disease risk factors. When cardiovascular disease incidence and mortality were combined, cycling was associated with a 22% lower risk. This is also supported by this study here that showed active commuting (in the form of cycling) was associated with an 11% reduction in cardiovascular disease incidence.

The most recent study showed no difference between the effects on Women or Men. It also suggests there was no difference between a low dose of cycling and a high dose. It was noted that high dose does have a greater impact but in fact, the best results for change were noted in those who performed between 1 – 100 minutes of cycling per week. After this number the change becomes less and harder to impact.

To conclude here, there are probably no major break through pieces of information here with regards to the fact that cycling is good for you but our main take home message here is that cycling can decrease your chances of cardiovascular disease by up to 22%, which in itself is a huge number and significant difference to any individual.

How can Bodylogics help?

We are the leading Sports Therapy Clinic in North London, offering Sports MassagePhysiotherapyOsteopathySports Rehabilitation and many more services, all of which are designed to get you back to being pain free and to enable you to get the best from your body. Why not take advantage of our Personal Training services to help you get into shape and beat the risks of cardiovascular disease.  Our Team are made up of specialists in different areas and we are confident we have a Team member who will be able to offer you the correct maintenance programme to keep you injury free or offer you the advice and treatment plan that will have you back to full fitness in the shortest time possible.  We do not cut corners, we offer genuine, true advice in order to give you the best chance of success.  We are proud of our reputation we have built and we are confident that you will share the thoughts of many others after visiting us.

To get in touch please see the information below and we look forward to welcoming you to Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic in the near future.

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