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get active and be rewarded

Is this the way to get people healthy and active?

Blog written by Jason Dodd, Clinic Manager at Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic

? is this concept the way to get people active? ?

? We are not promoters of any technology or advocates of this product however we have come across an interesting article which will hopefully provoke some debate.

@sweatcoin have developed an app that tracks the amount of steps you do in a day and rewards its users with a virtual currency that can then be exchanged for low or high value physical items, such as TV’s, etc…..

? recent feedback from the study of the app states ‘This concept has led to sustainable behaviour change in physical activity. An analysis of 6000 Sweatcoin users’ daily step count data shows an overall mean increase of 19.5% over the 6-month period after download, compared with their average activity in the 3 months prior. Importantly, this increase remains throughout the 6-month period analysed’.

? although we initially like the concept, are the ethics of this app being considered? There are a number of questions that come to mind;

❓ Should we be rewarding people for things that they ‘should be doing anyway’?

❓ Or is this a cynical outlook and we should be happy that people are exercising no matter the motivation?

❓ Is this a sustainable solution?

❓ Why is education not enough to motivate people to make changes?

⚠️ we haven’t attempted to use this app yet but it was presented in the BJSM journal recently. Take a look at the whole programme which can be seen here.

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