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Hip pain and helping yourself overcome it.

Have you ever been told you need a hip replacement or are you considering having one done now?  This Blog here might make you change your mind.

Sometimes it is just good to put down some information to help our clients and followers out that doesn’t involve lot’s of reading and is in fact very useful.

I treat two clients, one who suffers OA of the hip and is being advised to have a hip replacement and one who has had a hip replacement operation 4 years ago.  Listening to both of them, i cannot help but wonder if they had received different advice would they find themselves in the position they are in now.

Let’s take client 1.  He suffers from OA of the knee and the hip.  Upon seeing me he seemed resigned to the fact that a hip operation and knee operation were the way forward to better his overall outcomes.  Pain tends to be a common theme amongst the OA population and although evidence does suggest that hip and knee replacements can reduce or even remove pain, they do not come without complications.  The main one being that the operation will have to be performed again with 10-15 years.  The take into account risk of infection, increase in pain and many other implications and all of sudden we have a bigger situation on our hands than first thought.

Then we take client 2 who has already had the hip replacement.  Her advice ‘whatever you do, do not sit crossed legged’.  I questioned this and asked how long this advice is valid for, her response ‘oh that was forever’.  I was astonished by this.  I cannot understand how not crossing your legs could ever be valuable advice and i would welcome the evidence to show that anyone having a hip operation must never cross their legs through fear of dislocation.

My point is, not one of these clients was informed that increasing exercise or movement will actually help the situation as opposed to hinder it.  There are obviously some specific guidelines that must be adhered to with this, for example, after surgery there is an acute and repair stage which are vital to follow and planning on doing a marathon in this time frame would clearly do some serious damage.  But if we use common sense here, exercise and movement is vital for the health of our joints and body.

I have attached a simple movement plan for those who do suffer with pain in the hips and by implementing these simple exercises into daily life you will hopefully start to notice a difference.

hip strength exercises

I often advise doing these exercises whilst cooking or brushing their teeth.  Implementing them into every day tasks tends to have a higher coherence rate.

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