The Sports Therapy Clinic

Fitness Classes in Association with Bodylogics and FitClub Studios

As our Clinic grows, so does the demand for new services.  At Bodylogics, our core values are embedded in helping our clients but also ensuring our clients have the power to self-manage their symptoms and injuries.  Educating our clients with what is happening with their body is a key theme in any of our treatments and services.  There are many studies that have shown the powers of exercise, especially in things such as low back pain and many other chronic issues.  A key part of any recovery process is to ensure the client gets back to taking part in activity as soon as possible.  Although this is not always possible (when injuries are acute or severe)  we always promote healthy, active lifestyles to help with any condition. 

To help our Clients achieve their overall goal, we have formed an exclusive link with the FitClub Studios, located in Whetstone N20.  Not only will our Injury Rehabilitation Team be leading specific sessions for our Clinic based Clients at this state of the art Gym, we will also be advising Clients to attend the expertly run classes by their highly trained Team.  All Clients of Bodylogics receive an exclusive 10% off all classes booked at FitClub Studios.  Please take the time to visit their website and speak to a member of the Bodylogics Team for more information on how you can get involved.

Bodylogics Whetstone N20

Our exclusive link with the brand new and exciting FitClub Studio in Whetstone is home to the state of the art Rehabilitation equipment used to bring our clients back to full functional fitness.  Linked closely with our Flagship Clinic in Barnet, our Rehabilitation Team will work within the Barnet Clinic and the FitClub Studios in Whetstone N20 to ensure your recovery is effective and personal so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Bodylogics Whetstone N20

FitClub Studios, 1-3 Totteridge Lane, London, N20 0EX