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Dry Needling – what is it and how can it benefit you?

Blog produced by Jason Dodd Clinic Manager, Sports Therapist and member of the Physiotherapy and Musculo-Skeletal Team at Bodylogics The Sports Therapy Clinic.

Dry needling can offer relief for muscle pain and stiffness as well as improving range of motion and flexibility. It’s being offered by more and more physiotherapists around the world, and Bodylogics can offer both this and Medical Acupuncture to help you with your injury or recovery.

What is dry needling?

The process consists of inserting a thin filiform needle into the skin to stimulate trigger points, muscles, and connective tissue, and is used in addition to exercise for injury rehabilitation. Alongside this, our injury rehabilitation Team are well equipped to offer guidance and advice on any long term, chronic injuries you may have and will help you back to full recovery.

How is it different from acupuncture?

On the face of it, the two seem the same. However, where acupuncture aims to manipulate the body’s flow of energy, dry needling targets the pain of particular muscles. Needles are inserted directly into a patient’s ‘knots’, rather than all over the body. In addition, acupuncture uses pre-determined points which are the same the world over. Dry needling uses points found by your therapist through tissue examination (palpation).

Does it work?

Some research has shown that dry needling can be a successful alternative to drug treatments, especially for pain.  According to a trial published in the Pain Medical Journal, adding dry needling to an exercise programme may be more effective than exercise alone, when treating muscle pain. 

While further research into the power of dry needling is required, Unverzagt et al. (2015) concluded there is increasing evidence that it can be effective at decreasing pain, improving range of motion, reducing the sensitivity of myofascial trigger points, and ultimately improving quality of life. 

Additionally, Furlan et al. (2005) conducted a study into the effects of acupuncture and dry needling on low-back pain and found that they may be useful in addition to other treatment.

How can Bodylogics help?

We recommend having Dry Needling treatments alongside either Physiotherapy or Osteopathy in order to help recovery times. We are the leading Sports Therapy Clinic in North London, offering Sports MassagePhysiotherapy, OsteopathySports Rehabilitation and many more services, all of which are designed to get you back to being pain free and to enable you to get the best from your body.  Our Team are made up of specialists in different areas and we are confident we have a Team member who will be able to offer you the correct maintenance programme to keep you injury free or offer you the advice and treatment plan that will have you back to full fitness in the shortest time possible.  We do not cut corners, we offer genuine, true advice in order to give you the best chance of success.  We are proud of our reputation we have built and we are confident that you will share the thoughts of many others after visiting us.

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