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Can Sports Massage improve performance? You may be surprised…….

Attached here is an excellent link for outlining various studies on the effect of Sports Massage on performance.  The main take home point here is that intermittent massage will not result in a significant improvement in your overall performance.

Below are some of the key statements from the table attached, informing of the relevance of massage;

  • Significant decrease in Cortisol levels for the massage intervention group.
  • The massage treatment prior to Wingate Anaerobic Cycling Test significantly enhanced performance but had no effect on mood state.
  • One massage to the hamstrings did not significantly change sit and reach performance.
  • Both massage types (Swedish and Deep Tissue) significantly improved hamstring length following treatment.
  • The DTSM (Deep Tissue Sports Massage) protocol significantly increased hamstring flexibility as compared to either the classic massage protocol or the control group.
  • The massage protocol led to a significant decrease in intensity of soreness (Differential Descriptor Scale) in the massage group as compared to the control group.

To conclude the statements here, there have been many studies on the effects of Sports Massage on sports performance.  Although results can be differing from study to study, what is known for sure is that massage cannot have detrimental effects, unless administered by untrained professionals of course.  It is also worth noting here that Sports Massage cannot cure acute injuries, or get rid of injuries after one session.  It is aimed at assisting the healing response and patience is key to any recovery programme.

see reference study here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2953308/table/T4/

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